Tips of Fixing Error Code 40

Published: 15th September 2010
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"An error occured while unzipping. One or more files were not successfully unzipped. The error is 40."

"Windows cannot access this hardware because its service key information in the registry is missing or recorded incorrectly. (Code 40)"

You would receive error messages look like the above when your computer's registry is corrupt. If might not bother you much as first, but eventually, you would encounter system failures, computer slowdown, program crashes or further damages.

Therefore, we strongly suggest that you run a quick scan for error code scan for your PC to check and fix the errors.

Possible Causes of Error Code 40

Error code 40 is associated to a incompatible hard ware in your operating system. It is likely that you would receive the error message when you access the CD/DVD driver in your computer. It is because the device is not installed correctly, or the driver is outdated or missing from your computer. Therefore, it would impossible for your PC to find the device when you need it.

Solutions to Error Code 40 Associated Problems

Now that you know the problem is caused by a corrupt or missing hard ware device in your machine, the most effective way to solve the problem is to repair the driver and check the status of the particular device.

The first way to deal with it is to use the Troubleshoot program in your operating system. You could open the Device Manager in the Windows operating system, click on Properties and choose the General tab. After that, you need to select the Troubleshoot, waiting and following the instructions presented.

If the error is related to a no-Plug and Play device, you should click on the Start menu and go to the Control Panel. Then select the Printers and Hardware, click See Also pane and click Add Hardware. When you are there, install the latest version of the hard ware driver into your PC.

If the problem is caused by a malfunction hard ware device, you could uninstall the particular hard ware that is causing you problem, then remove the hard ware from your computer. Next, reconnect the hard ware to your computer and start your system. Then go to "Scan for hardware changes", and reinstall the hard ware to your computer.

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